Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Dental Hypersensitivity by Dr. Roli Jain

Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Dental Hypersensitivity by Dr. Roli Jain

Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Dental Hypersensitivity

Dental hypersensitivity is the common problem today which is experienced by most people whether young or old. This problem can be experience while drinking cold water, eating certain food items, while brushing teeth and even while breathing at times. The problem is one cannot eat or drink everything that is available like cold drinks, citrus drinks and citrus fruits, wines and other similar products. Tooth grinding and using wrong toothbrush can even cause pain which is short in duration. Different treatments are available like new toothpaste, some prescribed gel or medicines and now even laser therapy is being used for treating it.

Laser Therapy Treatment

Laser therapy treatment is being used for treating dental hypersensitivity as mentioned above. The laser called Erbium Yag is used for the treatment. The treatment is simple with no pain at all, it is safe and there is no use of any chemicals and it is also tissue preserving. Usually one session for the treatment is enough but in cases of some patients more than one session is required for complete relief. Sensitivity occurs due to some tiny openings in one’s dentine layer that conducts cold and hot sensations in one’s teeth nerve ending. The treatment is done by scanning each tooth which is sensitive with laser for at least a minute which helps closing the tiny openings after which one can get permanent relief. It is gaining popularity in this modern generation as laser treatment is not only used for the above purpose but also for purposes like permanent hair removal, eye treatment and other such treatments. Research is going on for treating other ailments too through this in future.

The Benefits and Side Effects of Laser Treatment

The benefits and side effects of laser treatment for dental hypersensitivity can be understood if each is discussed separately. The benefits are that it gives no pain at all during the treatment, it is usually a one time treatment but sometimes as results vary from person to person it can be retreated with laser, it involves the use of no chemicals which is a good factor and it takes less time. Even though it has all the above benefits it is an expensive treatment which everyone suffering from this problem cannot afford. There are some side effects are that it can affect the eyes so wearing goggles would make the treatment safe, feeling of tiredness after the session is possible which is due to the relaxation one experiences after the treatment and sometimes one can experience reddening in the area that has been treated but all this are temporary and not permanent in nature.

Therefore, as mentioned above that nowadays, laser treatment is not limited to one area, it is spreading towards different diseases and the treatment is effective. Certain side effects are there which need to be taken care of and all guidance should be followed for safe and effective treatment. It is effective for treating dental hypersensitivity but everyone cannot afford it due to the high cost. In case of laser treatment finding the best centre is necessary for good treatment.

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